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Testimonials for Applewood Credit in Langley BC

Customer Testimonials – Straight from the Car Buyers, Themselves!

"I went to a car dealership in my hometown of Langley that offered guaranteed auto loans. I was treated very respectfully with much enthusiasm and after an hour of paperwork was told all was sorted, a car was chosen for me(based on affordability and bells and whistles) the insurance broker was called and I drove away in a very cute, mechanically sound vehicle amazed at how quickly and pleasant the process was.

Three weeks later I was contacted by the dealership salesman informing me that more paperwork was required to complete the sale…I was confused and questioned this but was told its due to my complicated employment status(self employed) so I provided what was further required…some information repeated …and voiced my concern…and asked several questions which I was answered with …don’t worry this is typical… I did not worry as I was still driving the vehicle….after a further three weeks…and now being told several more concerns were popping up from the lender…I was still being required to submit more information which was now interfering with my employment as contacts were being repeatedly made requesting repeated information…very stressful to say the least…as well as being informed I may have to return the vehicle until this was sorted out…again I asked several questions…but was given the same…don’t worry about it answers… so….i started making phone calls…

I went online, and called another local dealership(Applewood) that manages all credit situations and, briefly explained my situation and was informed the timeline does seem excessive…I began asking more questions…and was invited in to the dealership for information, I readily accepted.

I met with Alex the next morning. We went through all my paperwork, documentations, and was informed everything was in order and the “other” dealership did all the required paperwork, and it was unclear why the loan was still pending… I asked if my credit could be checked by Alex. And if he could see if he could do anything. Once it was ensured I was not stepping on any toes legally by looking into a vehicle sale with Alex…the process began…I was fully explained the process from the beginning of applying for credit….to how,why,when and what was required to complete a sale, how the credit bureau works, how things are affected and reported, how lenders work and what they look for …I agreed to follow through with the process, Alex spoke with 2 lenders, and I was shown, online, the verification of the approved loan within 40 mins……I was shown a large variety of vehicles to choose from…given all the specs on the vehicles….encouraged to test drive the vehicles of my choice and made a choice on my new Nissan Sentra, and I learned a lot about the process of purchasing a vehicle that was just right for my family and my situation!

Alex even assisted me in returning the “other” vehicle to the “other” dealership in a professional, respectful manner….

Alex drew up the paperwork…showed and explained the entire bill of sale, what each line meant and what I was signing and agreeing too…..and I was sent on my way with my new car…with a fully approved loan…I received a welcome telephone call from the lender…outlining my payments and dates and numbers which was fully outlined on my bill of sale…and poof…I’ve not looked back with the exception of calling Alex to thank him for his professionalism…sharing his knowledge, being respectful to and about the other dealership, not once ever speaking ill of the “other” dealership, nor the salesman and making the process so simple and easy…..i have waited a month to write this, to ensure no glitches would come up as I had experienced previously….and nope…all is great….payments are being made, the car is in my name, insurance is squared away…oil change is booked for May at Applewood(Reasonable price. Friendly service. Accommodating to requested times) … Thank you Alex!!!!!!"

Very Happy Customer

"Dear Alex,
Rafael and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in our recent vehicle search. Having come from so many unpleasant experiences with pushy car salesmen and dishonest financing officers, we were very wary of going back into the whole vehicle financing game and going through the hassle and stress once more. Add to this the fact that we were coming in with a poor credit history and a low budget, we felt like we were walking straight into the lion’s mouth, easy targets for getting taken advantage of.

Imagine our pleasant surprise and delight when you took your time to explain every step of the process, both the financing and the credit building part, and making us understand what exactly we were getting into. Despite our situation not making us the most ideal financing candidates, you treated us with respect and courtesy and were so helpful through the entire process. You also were very patient with us through emailing and texting and doing prior research for us so that when we finally made it to your office, you had our options all ready and laid out for us, organized and easy to understand. That was the quickest car purchase meeting we had ever gone through, we were in and out with our new car and a great finance package in under two hours!

Alex, you restored our faith in the system with your honesty and your sincere concern for our needs , not only in being able to acquire an almost brand new vehicle, but more importantly to get us back on the road to rebuilding our credit. This has been by far the least stressful vehicle acquisition experience we’ve been through, and we wanted to thank you so much for your help.

We will be sure to spread the word that there are still honest people in the industry.
Thanks a million!

- Rafael and Maria A., June ’15

"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me reach my goal for the vehicle of my choice and providing me with the tools to correct my credit score. The service you provided was over and above my expectations. You were able to get me the lowest interest rate possible. It was a very pleasant process for me. Thank you for being in my court!!!!

I will definitely shop for my next vehicle at Applewood Kia….which in my opinion is a place where they put their customers first."

- Susan M., February ’15

"I would like to say thank you to alex Peterson and applewood motors. my experience with them started when I found a Mercedes benz on another dealers lot. the vehicle was drastically under priced. I found the vehicle myself and had applewood arrange financing. they were 100% honest with the purchase from other dealer and looked after every thing I asked of them. turned out the only day I could come down and collect vehicle was on a holiday Monday, for the simple fact I had to fly to Vancouver. Alex offered to pick me up at the airport, he drove to Vancouver from abbostford to yvr. dealership is located in Langley. job well done.

we had time to chat will driving to Langley, what I took from the conversation was alex had genuine concern about my flight and making sure I was a happy client. arriving at dealership was my new Mercedes. the truck was exactly what they had told me on the phone.. a perfect flawless truck. I was impressed to say the least. Alex arranged insurance and all paperwork was ready to go. no hassle deal!!!! I was on my way within one hour. I myself have worked within high end dealerships, but the treatment at applewood motors is a level all other dealerships should aspire to be! thanks again Alex. I now will be a client of applewood motors forever! and recommend all my friends in their direction. cheers david… see ya soon for my next vehicle!"

- David S., February ’15

"I recently had a wonderful experience with your dealership and I wanted to say a huge thank you to your staff, especially Alex Peterson!

I purchased a brand new Kia Rio 2015 and I’m so happy. The car is fantastic, and the whole process was very speedy and efficient. I didn’t feel any pressure to make a purchase I wasn’t comfortable. In fact, I made the decision to purchase after Alex explained everything to me in terms that I fully understood.

I would highly recommend your dealership. And it goes without saying that I LOVE my new car – it’s perfect and has everything I could ever want in a car and it’s a total blast to drive!"

- Nicole Langley, November ’14

"When I initially went online to search for a vehicle at Kia it was simply to try to get a loan- I fully expected to get denied and then I could then move on to the older used cars that friends had for sale. I was very surprised when I received the phone call telling me it was a go.

From the moment my wife and I entered the dealership we were treated with care, kindness and respect. I have been in situations before where my poor credit was called in to question and I felt like I had little value in that circumstance. Dealing with you Alex, I felt like both my wife and I were important to you and Kia. Thank you for the wonderful service you provided and the hope you were able to direct our way with regard to our financial situation. We will be coming back next year and we hope to convince many of our friends to visit Applewood Kia as well."

- Sean M. Vancouver, July ’14

"Thanks! The information on your site was really useful. I applied with Applewood Credit and was approved the next day."

- David, Vancouver, June ’13

"Great site. I was having a hard time figuring out what companies to apply to because there are so many. I was approved through Easy Approval and am now the owner of a 2008 Jeep Cherokee."

-Anne, Langley, May ’13

"This is the greatest website tool invented!! I am driving a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan because the guys at Applewood Credit do as they – I highly recommend Robert and Alex to everyone!!"

- Katherine and Jim, Maple Ridge, May ’13

"My husband and I have now sent 3 people in to see Robert at Applewood Credit. We bought a 2009 Kia Rio and LOVE IT! The amazing service along with the quality of vehicles is surpassed by anyone else in the market."

- Sheryl P., Maple Ridge, May ’13

"I got a great 2012 Ford F-150 at the price I wanted to pay with an interest rate that beat the local ford dealers. Robert is a magician – you gotta go see this dude!"

- Keith C., White Rock, February ’13

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