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Apply now! Follow the link to fill out the required information and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as we can. The connection is secure and the application is instantaneous. Don’t worry, we get all applicants approved so we guarantee that your application won’t be denied. This form doesn’t commit you to anything, but we would be surprised if you found a better creditor anywhere in BC!

Getting a car loan can be tough! Banks are making it harder than ever for people to qualify for financing, but there is a solution. At Applewood Credit we work with a network of financial institutions and independent lenders to get you approved.

What is a Bad Credit Auto Loan?

It is simply a financing option for people who cannot obtain a loan from traditional financial institutions like banks and credit unions because of bad credit or poor credit history. Even if you have poor credit history you can be financed for a vehicle with little or no down payment. The vehicle you purchase provides the security required to guarantee the loan.

Flexibility is The Key

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique. A variety of terms and payment options are available to meet your monthly budget needs. Major banks and credit unions simply do not have the time or the resources to service credit situations that do not meet their strict requirements. Our network of financial providers and our own huge vehicle inventory create a stress-free car buying experience with payment flexibility for the vehicle you want!

Approved Auto Loans – 100% Guaranteed!

Have you ever worried about how unfortunate events in your life impact your credit score? We often have helped people with bad credit, recent divorce, self-employment, bankruptcy, repossession, collection, and slow payment plans. You name it, we’ve approved it!

Your financial history doesn’t matter to us, consider yourself approved. Fill out our Online Credit Application right now! Once we receive your submission we will contact you to move on to the next step. Don’t worry, you aren’t under any obligation to sign anything, but we would be surprised if you left thinking there was a better option.

Canadian financial institutions lend millions of dollars every day, so you have to understand how to deal with them. We understand the process, so we know that your credit is virtually pre-approved. Good credit, bad credit, or no credit – we get you approved for a used car loan, guaranteed!

Buying a car has never been easier!

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Make an appointment to select a vehicle
  3. Pick up your vehicle and drive home!

Select the vehicle you want!

We literally have hundreds of cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans to choose from. Don’t worry about past bad credit, collections, bankruptcies, or repossessions. Even if you just arrived in Canada for the first time apply for credit online and you will be approved.

Nobody beats our vehicle prices

With over 350 Vehicles in our own inventory we can offer you the absolute lowest price. It’s that simple, no one beats us on price!

The best financing rates in the Lower Mainland

Even if you have been turned down in the past, getting Auto Loan Financing is virtually guaranteed. We deal with hundreds of lenders and will get you the lowest rate possible.

Nobody is turned down – we’ll have you rolling off the lot in no time! Contact us to get started.

A CarProof report is the complete history of your vehicle from the first day it hit the road – it is like a cars medical history! Every accident, dent, and part replaced by a mechanic is tracked to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle, so when you submit the VIN of a vehicle you get to see what work has been done and why it was done. This is an inmeasurably valuable tool for buying used!

What’s in a CarProof Report?

All Applewood Credit vehicles come with a CarProof Report. Our CarProof vehicle history reports contain:

Report Summary

This summary is a snapshot of the records CarProof has found on your vehicle.

Report Findings in Chronological Order

Our report findings give you a quick overview of the vehicle’s life.

Accident, Collision and Damage Detail

This section compiles data from collision estimating facilities, insurance information and police reports to let you know what, if any, damage the vehicle has sustained in its life. If you suspect that the vehicle has ever been in a collision, Applewood Credit gives you a peace of mind knowing that we supply complete history reports.

Lien Status

Available on our CarProof Verified BC reports, this section shows if any other party has a legal claim on the vehicle as collateral for a debt owed to them. This is important because a lien can be enforced against the new owner of the vehicle if isn’t settled before they buy it. Applewood Credit ensures all liens are paid out before any purchase takes place.

Canadian Registration and Branding

A look at where in Canada and the U.S. the vehicle is, or has been registered, as well as the status of the vehicle in those jurisdictions.

Stolen Vehicle Check

This check provides data from the Canadian Police Information Centre to see if the vehicle is marked as actively stolen.

Import Records

Here you’ll find any applicable details about the vehicle being imported or exported between Canada and the U.S.

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